A plumbing system is something most of us take for granted but imagine the chaos a plumbing blockage could bring to your residence or office. No running water for showers or even the simple task of flushing the toilet would be hampered. This is why it is important to have your plumbing system regularly maintained by professionals.


Our maintenance team consists of technicians who have years of experience under their belt and are experts in their field. Plumbing is a lot more complex than before with so many types of pipes, generations of toilets, fixtures available in such varied prices that it is difficult for laymen to understand. Our technicians are highly skilled in understanding your requirements, identifying issues and sourcing exactly what you require for your property. We have served many customers across the Sunshine Coast ranging from residential clients, property managers, body corporate properties.


Plumbing Maintenance Services

We are the preferred plumbing service providers for homes in Noosa, Tewantin and Sunrise Beach and also serve the plumbing needs of body corporate and real estate rentals in the area.


Here are some plumbing maintenance services that we can help with:

  • black and white checked bath tub plumbing maintenanceLeaking Taps
  • Blocked or leaking toilets
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Sewer line blockage
  • Galvanized pipes
  • Checking for damage in washing machine hoses
  • Root infiltrations
  • Frozen pipes
  • Overflowing sewage
  • Damaged fixtures
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Low or high water pressure
  • Installing new fixtures like dishwashers, shower heads
  • Installations in the kitchen
  • Unpleasant odour in toilets
  • Rattling pipes
  • Water pressure
  • Check water meter
  • Roof gutter inspections

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

We have an extensive plumbing maintenance checklist which our licensed plumbers will go through in sequence to make sure that the system is inspected thoroughly and all issues however minor they may be are caught. Your plumbing system includes sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, as well as laundry facilities and outdoor pipes for hoses and watering systems. You can prevent serious damage to your home and save money by purchasing a plumbing maintenance plan that will help avoid these common problems:


  • low water pressure hand wash plumbing maintenanceLeaks: We will inspect all the faucets for leaks with careful attention to valves and handles. Hoses should be pliable and we will remove and replace brittle ones.
  • Water pressure: Low pressure could mean a problem with the line or sediment buildup.
  • Signs of corrosion: This could indicate a problem with the water or the pipe itself. Stains around copper or brass fittings could be a sign of corrosion.
  • Drains: All sinks, showers and tub drains will be inspected to see how quickly they drain. A slow drain may have a clog or a blocked vent pipe.
  • Water heaters: The only way to get hot water flowing through your home is through a water heater. Thus, it is important to check their working conditions. We will look for signs of corrosion and replace old heaters.

Based on the results of the inspection, we can discuss the best way to tackle these issues on a priority basis, whether it’s all at once or phased as per your needs.


Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing affects the daily functioning of homes and businesses. If there are issues with it at home, your family will be inconvenienced in their day-to-day affairs. Plumbing issues at work are even more critical as it not only affects you but also your employees’ welfare and productivity. There are many benefits to getting at least once a year plumbing maintenance checks such as:


  • Keeping your home and office running smoothly: If you have a clogged toilet or damp walls, it could make your house unliveable and damage the structural integrity of your home. Experiencing a clogged toilet in the office would also be a disaster and cause a great amount of inconvenience if the issue is not spotted early.
  • Save money: Plumbing maintenance includes checking your plumbing, fixtures, pipes and water lines to make sure they are working as they should. If they aren’t, they can be fixed at the right time instead of waiting for the issue to become bigger. Leaking pipes could be the reason for hefty utility bills and fixing this can help save this cost.


Getting your plumbing inspected and maintained regularly will prevent costly repairs at a later stage. We recommend that you undertake annual plumbing inspections in order to catch problems when they are small and easy to fix.


Our plumbers have tools at hand to fix issues that may be detected after the inspection. Preventative maintenance is always better than emergency repairs and this can also maintain or increase the value of your property.


Plumbing Maintenance Plans

save money from plumbing maintenance planIf you’re wondering if you should get a plumbing maintenance plan for regular plumbing inspections, the answer is yes irrespective of whether you currently have plumbing issues or not. You might be tempted to save money and not invest in a maintenance plan but it is a fact that no home remains in perfect condition always. It could be external factors like weather conditions or low-quality materials that could decrease the functioning of your plumbing system. Keep the following in mind before deciding whether or not to purchase a plumbing maintenance plan:


  • Provides peace of mind that everything is in working order: A planned maintenance program helps reduce the risks of fixture breakdown, aids in the efficient use of water and prolongs the lifespan of your heating or cooling equipment and fixtures.
  • Saves you money in the long run: Annual plumbing maintenance not only saves you money in costly, unplanned emergency service expenses but also helps in keeping your utility bills low.


At Absolute Plumbing & Gas, we offer annual plumbing maintenance plans customized to your property and budget at your convenience. Our plan includes a visual check of your fixtures like air conditioners, water heaters, water tanks, pipes, and drains, etc. to check for potential issues and repair them to get your plumbing in good condition.


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