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Most of us can’t go without our water heaters for any more than a day, which is what makes keeping them in working order a necessity. Unfortunately, all water heaters are bound to experience issues as they age and degrade, but you should expect your new hot water system installation in Noosa to survive years provided you take maintenance seriously. While most homeowners can perform some maintenance tasks, you might want to call a qualified plumber for professional servicing if you’d prefer not to take any risks with such a vital amenity.

At Absolute Plumbing and Gas Solutions, we have over a decade of experience dealing with both gas and electric hot water systems and we’ve since served countless homeowners and businesses in the Noosa area. If you’re renovating your bathroom, our plumbers can ensure that all your amenities, such as your taps, toilet, shower, and hot water, remain in working condition.

Alternatively, if you want to upgrade or service your current heater, we can visit your home when it’s convenient for you to complete the task at a cost-effective rate.

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    Our Hot Water Installation Service

    With the differences in hot water systems becoming more apparent, you can rely on our Sunshine Coast plumbing team to provide you with expert advice.

    If you have any questions, need advice, or require our plumbing services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    • Electric hot water heater units
    • Electric storage units
    • 3-phase units with quick recovery performance
    • Instantaneous electric heater units
    • Gas hot water heater system installation
    • Continuous flow units
    • Storage units
    • Instantaneous flow units
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    Hot Water Installation

    While there are many guides and Youtube videos that explain how to DIY and install a new hot water heater, we advise you to rely on licensed professionals when considering the risks of faulty installations. Mistakes can put your family and you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, accidental fires or major property damage.

    It may surprise you to know that the installation of a new hot water system may require the expertise of both a plumber and an electrician. Absolute Plumbing & Gas are plumbers you can trust and our technicians also have a restricted electrician license making us qualified to complete your installation legally and efficiently.

    We ensure that all our plumbers undertake training and courses to keep up with the evolving plumbing landscape in Noosa. Our procedures are kept up to date with the trends in the industry and we can guarantee that every hot water installation we do will be in line with Australian standards.

    Everhot and Thermann Hot Water Systems  

    With over 10 years of experience serving the plumbing needs of the Sunshine Coast, our staff can help you choose the right hot water system that’s perfect for your needs. Everhot and Thermann hot water systems are a popular option for many Australian property owners who require a trustworthy and durable hot water system.

    The EverHot hot water systems and Thermann hot water systems are available in different capacities. Many are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and can be powered by gas, electric or solar power. A wide variety of models are available to suit the size of your household and your budget.

    Talk to our fully qualified plumbers who can discuss your requirements like the size, capacity, mode of heating and help you narrow down to the best option.


    Which Hot Water System To Choose?

    As it happens with all things related to the functioning of a home, there are many factors to consider before pinpointing on one. While heater brands are also an important factor, considering these questions can help you make a decision:

    What capacity would work best for your household? Consider how many bathrooms and appliances you have that require hot water and how many times you use them per day.

    Which heating system should you choose- gas or electric? Each method has its own pros and cons as mentioned below so talk to our licensed plumbers who will best advise you on the systems

    What factors are a priority to you? Low installation costs, low operating costs or impact on the environment?



    Hot Water Noosa 1

    Everhot Hot Water System



    hot water installation

    Thermann Hot Water Heater

    Gas Or Electric Hot Water Heater?

    Onsite Hot Water Heater Installation

    Gas Hot Water Heater

    A more traditional method of heating, this system uses heat from burning natural gas to warm up the water. A reliable and safe method of heating, many homes in Noosa, Tewantin, Sunshine Coast, and nearby areas have chosen this method and it is one of the more affordable options in Australia. You can choose to get either of these two gas powered heating systems:

    • Storage systems where hot water is stored inside an insulated tank and be ready for use when required
    • Instantaneous systems where hot water is not stored but heated on demand
    Independent of the power supply and will work even during power outages

    The recovery rate or the time taken to refill a tank of hot water after use is quick

    Lower maintenance and installation cost

    Produces fewer greenhouse gases compared to other methods

    The costs of using gas are cheaper than electricity

    Higher installation cost in comparison to other methods

    Will not work during power outages

    Slower recovery rate and takes a few hours for a basic 50-gallon tank to recover

    Adds to the utility bills as they consume electric units

    Electric Hot Water Heater

    Electric storage hot water systems work by heating an element at the bottom of the unit and then storing it in a reservoir which is then ready for use throughout the day.Your ultimate choice of hot water system completely depends on your needs, space available and other personal factors. Contact a qualified plumber with a Queensland plumber’s license to install your hot water system.

    Efficient usage as less energy is needed to heat per gallon of water as compared to other methods

    Fewer safety risks

    Easy availability of electricity as compared to other power sources like solar or gas

    Low initial setup cost and easy maintenance

    They do not require other infrastructures like additional piping or ventilation

    Higher installation cost in comparison to other methods

    Will not work during power outages

    Slower recovery rate and takes a few hours for a basic 50-gallon tank to recover

    Adds to the utility bills as they consume electric units

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    As your trusted plumbing service in Noosa, we can install, repair and supply quality hot water systems with great professionalism and quick service. Call Absolute Plumbing & Gas at 0405 063121 to help you install the best hot water system at your home or contact us here.


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