Do you have a caravan or a boat without a gas system? If so, this is definitely a pain point when you’re out camping or fishing. We make your caravan roadworthy and your boats safe and ready to go by installing a reliable gas system according to your requirements so that you can make the best use of your investment. Our licensed gas fitters are certified to carry out gas fitting installations, replacements or repairs of any gas appliances as well as maintenance of your gas pipes.


Caravan Gas Fitters

blue flamed caravan gasCaravan gas can be a great help in the holidays- cooking your food and keeping you warm but when it’s not properly installed, it can be dangerous. Absolute Plumbing & Gas offers fully licensed gas fitting services to caravan and motor homeowners and the recreational vehicle/RV industry- including maintenance services to keep them up and running smoothly.


With a caravan, you have a mobile system where you have gas cylinders supplying gas to appliances. These appliances must be serviced by thorough professionals regularly because they deal with volatile substances. We will keep all your existing gas installations in properly maintained working order, as well as fitting new gas installations, to keep your van or RV functioning as it should.


Our services include installation of gas systems and appliances including hot water, heaters, gas refrigerators in caravans and mobile homes. Safety inspections are our specialty, and we can carry out any remedial gas fitting work that may be required for your caravan or RV.


Caravan Gas Safety Inspections

We recommend that you get your caravan checked for leaks and safety checks at least annually by professionals, irrespective of there being noticeable issues.

When you’re driving your caravan down the road to your favored spot, things are bound to move around even if your caravan is brand new. In our years of experience, we have often seen joints break and leaks appear on fairly new installations due to the speed and the shuffling around of the vehicle. Here at Absolute Plumbing & Gas, we get rid of your gas-related pain points whether it’s at your home or camping on the beach. Once you reach out to us, we will come down to the location of your boat at your convenience to conduct a gas inspection.


Most importantly, we check the pressure of the system to ensure a completely safe operation. There is far more to a proper gas check including monitoring how the flame burns on the stove and monitoring where the carbon monoxide goes within the vehicle if the appliances are behaving as they should. It is absolutely worth spending your time and money in making sure your caravan is functioning properly as the consequences are deadly.


Caravan Gas Compliance Certificate

Before any caravan, trailer or RV fitted with gas fixtures is sold or resold in Australia, it needs to be certified for registration purposes.

We can help you get the required certification of gas safety and compliance by making sure that the system and appliances are in working order. We test for leaks in the entire gas system, check ventilation, carbon monoxide levels, and pipework and fix issues wherever they arise.


two stage regulator caravan gasTo qualify for a gas compliance audit, the following requirements must be met:


  • The caravan or vehicle must be present, on flat level ground
  • There must be gas in the gas bottle
  • 2-stage regulator with OPP
  • A test point must be installed
  • Australian Certified Appliances must be in use
  • Compliance with the Australian Standard AS5601
  • The gas appliances installed must be in functioning condition

Marine Gas Installation

Do you require an LPG gas appliance installed on your boat or yacht? Look no further as we are the best gas fitters in Noosa, Tewantin, Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Coast, and other surrounding areas.


Our qualified plumbers are licensed and can install all gas appliances, including appliances for heating, cooking, refrigeration and gas piping. We source appliances according to your needs and budget at your convenience so you can sail away with confidence.


Apart from installations, we also specialize in routine gas inspections where we detect issues in your system and we are qualified to carry out any remedial gas fitting repairs that may arise.


We’re fully qualified and have worked with several clients on a wide range of boats and you can rely on our workmanship and making safety a priority.


Marine Gas Safety Inspections

blue tank marine gas installationTaking care of your boat the right way can protect your investment and keep it up and running for whenever you would want to take it out. As in the case of caravans, boats are subjected to rolling waves all the time and this can result in parts being moved around, leaks and broken joints.


However, safety is the most important reason why regular gas inspections in marine fittings are required. Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a combustible gas and can cause suffocation if inhaled in large volumes. We recommend that you book gas inspection services every 12 months to make sure everything is in safe working order.


Once you book our inspection service, we can come to the location of your boat off-shore or otherwise and check through our safety checklist quickly.


Marine Gas Compliance Certificate

Absolute Plumbing and Gas can help in Marine Gas Compliance Certification for all kinds of craft. Whether you require one to change registration details when selling, for a yearly inspection of a commercial vessel, or just to make sure that that your vessel is safe, we can help you with fast turnaround time and efficient service.


Australian law dictates that before a boat is bought or sold, it needs to receive a compliance certificate and pass the safety audit. This is to ensure the safety of buyers and provide a safe environment for all those using the boat. We are able to inspect your boat for the Marine Gas Compliance Certificate requirements.


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