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How do you know you’re hiring an exceptional plumbing service? You don’t want to wait until the job is done to find out about your plumber’s credibility, or conversely their lack thereof. The old running joke about plumbers who fix leaky pipes with a piece of chewing gum and muttering “there, I fixed it” is a sad reality and one that no customer deserves.

Luckily, plumbers like Michael Heerings at Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions love their job and approach every task they face with tireless attention. Michael and his team members have a long, outstanding history of finding the proper long term solution for every problem they meet on the job. With a long list of qualifications and certifications that precede the team everywhere they go, it’s no wonder why Michael is the plumber Tewantin residents recommend to each other within the community.

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    Wait, if Absolute Gas & Plumbing offers such an excellent service, does that mean their prices will be outrageously high? Actually, not at all!

    We offer unmatched quality of service for the most agreeable rates. We want to provide plumbing that Tewantin locals can afford and is thoroughly satisfactory. It is our goal to be a staple in the community, with a service that is inarguably worth the rate. This is our homeland too, and we want to be known as supporters of our local community in every way we possibly can.

    • Pressure testing of combinations
    • Dishwasher installs and plumbing
    • Pipe repairs and relocation
    • Water hammer noise
    • Water filter installation
    • Burst water pipes
    • Leak location and detection
    • Water-wise certificates
    • Bathroom Renovations
    • Laundry Renovations
    • Kitchen Renovations
    • Roof leaks
    plumber tewantin
    • Hose taps
    • Pressure limiting devices
    • Hot water systems
    • Roof gutter repairs
    • Gas fitting
    • Leaking taps
    • Toilet installs and repairs
    • Tap replacements
    • Plug and waste replacements
    • Tempering valve installations
    • Bad water pressure
    • Drain smells and odours


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    All work completed in accordance with the Plumbing and Drainage Act and installation codes Australian Standards No. 3500, 5601 and 1596