We depend on plumbing in our homes to provide water to showers, faucets, toilets and even outside to our lawn and garden. When the plumbing of any premise is working perfectly, it’s easy not to give it a second thought and it is only when leaks and pipe breaks occur that one thinks of plumbing inspections.

Many homeowners aren’t aware of their main valves and when an emergency occurs, solving that problem by themselves in time is a tough task. Even if you’re planning on buying or selling a property, getting your plumbing inspected can help avoid those frustrating surprises in the process. Staying on top of your plumbing processes before they break down extensively will save you from costly emergency repairs.


Plumbing Inspection Services

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Once you book our plumbing inspection service, a licensed plumbing consultant will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your plumbing system. Our consultant will require access to your property at your convenience to check your main valves, pipes, components, plumbing fixtures, septic tanks, hot water tanks, etc. Routine plumbing inspections which we would recommend to be done at least once a year will help keep your water running smoothly and help you to prevent unexpected, and sometimes quite expensive, repairs.

What Does A Plumbing Inspection Involve?

Plumbing inspections begin with a visual walkthrough to check joints and seams to ensure secure fits and no leaks. To give you the best results, we use the latest technology to look beyond visual checks. We use micro-cameras in your pipes to check for any cracks or breaks that can become a major issue once accumulated without repair.

Fitting in just one inspection a year can offset high costs of emergency repairs and damage repairs. Our consultants are seasoned professionals with a Queensland plumbing license who can source any kind of fixture, tubing or toilets you wish for.

Home Plumbing Inspections

common plumbing maintenance issuesAs mentioned, our plumbing consultants will conduct an extensive analysis of your property’s water supply and flow indoors, outdoors and even basements. Get regular plumbing inspections yearly with a plumbing maintenance plan. We use our tried and tested checklist and depend on our consultants to visually look for signs of problems, loose fittings, or damage. Our basic plumbing inspection checklist covers the following:


  • Testing of water pressure
  • Inspection of your pipes
  • Checking of water efficiency
  • Inspection of drains and gutters
  • Examination of sanitary wares such as toilets and taps
  • Checking for areas with poor drainage
  • Water leaks and subsequent repair
  • Inspection of gas system
  • Backflow device testing

Some common issues that arise are:

  • Toilets: Leaking flapper and flush valves can cause hundreds of gallons of water to go to waste.
  • Sinks: The supply lines and shut off valves need to be inspected for leaks along with clogs in the disposal mechanism as minerals or debris can affect their flow easily.
  • Bathtub and Shower: These areas are so often used apart from kitchen sinks that it will cause inconvenience if it gets damaged or leaky. Our licensed plumbers will inspect these areas for issues with faucets, rust, drains, and the showerhead.
  • Water Heater: An important appliance as not only is it frequently used but can also determine the strength of your utility bills. If old, there is a high chance of corrosion and reduced strength of the pressure valve.

Cracks and leaks are a common occurrence that is likely to happen in the house’s lifetime. Bad weather, mineral deposits in the water, foreign objects and poor quality materials can exacerbate the occurrence of damage. If left without detection for long, these issues can build up causing expensive damage to your home and affect your safety.

You can be sure that we will communicate openly and honestly about the costs of our services, and strive to keep all of our plumbing project costs at reasonable prices.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspections

corroded water pipe plumbing maintenanceEvery home buyer checks for space in their potential home, the number of rooms, neighbourhood and price among other things before putting down a deposit. These things are important but to get an in-depth view of the actual value of the house, checking the water and heating installations is vital. While a few fixes here and there after buying a house are to be expected, major water issues can end up costing you a lot. Our plumbing consultant reports that 95% of houses have at least one plumbing issue that might cause damage if left untouched.

During our pre-purchase plumbing inspection, we will conduct a thorough investigation of your plumbing systems from underground pipes till the main valves. By entrusting this service to a neutral third-party, we will provide honest feedback thus helping you make an informed decision.

After the inspection, we will provide a plumbing inspection report with comments, recommendations, and a list of priorities that need to be addressed in order to avoid plumbing problems in the future. This report includes details of:


  • Cracked, leaky or blocked sewer pipes
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Rusted or corroded water pipes
  • Workings of hot water systems
  • Condition of broken or old fixtures or appliances and
  • Condition of sinks & tubs which consume a lot of water

We have conducted inspections across hundreds of homes of varied sizes and are qualified to give you expert advice. We put your needs first and discuss personalized repair and replacement of systems as per your budget and time requirements.

Contact Us For A Consultation

Whether you’re worried about a damaged pipe or want state of the art upgrades, Absolute Plumbing & Gas’ plumbing inspection service is reliable, affordable and thoroughly professional. Homeowners are encouraged to walk-through the inspection if they would like to get a better idea of the fittings. Our easy-to-understand inspection report is provided to you after the service which can help you make the best call for repair services. Call us now to book a plumbing inspection at your convenience. We are the most reliable plumbing inspection providers near you!