Even with a country like ours that is familiar with droughts, the recent water crisis is the worst in recent history. Consuming water efficiently is not just good for Australia and the environment but is also a cost-saving strategy. Every home is unique in many ways so a water audit is the best way to begin the conservation process.


Water Efficiency Audit

Water Efficiency Audit 1One of the best ways to learn how to use water efficiently is to participate in a water audit. A water audit is a qualitative and quantitative process to determine and identify means of reducing, reusing and recycling water. This process includes:


  • Showing you how to read your meter which can help you become more aware of your water usage
  • Checking for inefficient plumbing fixtures and appliances indoors
  • Checking your toilets and faucets to determine leaks and help in fixing the problems, if they exist
  • Testing the outdoor irrigation system to see if there are any broken sprinkler heads or other problems which can waste a lot of water
  • Estimation of costs of fixture repairs or replacements
  • Prepare a report of recommendations, estimated savings of water and money and advice on what actions make economic sense


A water audit can help save money by reducing your water bills, cutting your water consumption by 10-30%, reducing the processing time in wastewater treatment systems, and helping a water-stressed country.


Home Owners

If you’ve been trying to figure out why your water bills are trending upwards as a homeowner or maybe you just want to conserve water- you may need to get your property audited. For an average home, 14 percent of residential water is wasted through leaking faucets. A leaking toilet can do some real damage with several gallons of water lost every day. There are simple solutions for such issues such as installing a displacement device to toilets that will save a half-gallon per flush or retrofitting your faucet with an aerator.


To manage your water efficiently, you can call us to conduct a thorough inspection of water systems. Simple solutions such as newer models of shower heads and dual flush toilets can make a noticeable difference in how much you pay for water yearly.


Body Corporate And Rentals

water pump system efficiency auditIf you are considering charging your tenants for water usage at your property, you will have to meet these prerequisites put forth by the law:


  • the unit must be individually metered
  • the property must be accredited as water efficient through a certificate provided by a licensed plumber
  • the tenancy agreement must stipulate that the tenant is willing and liable to pay for water consumption

As a property owner, it is not just good practice but a precaution to ensure that the premises meet water efficiency standards. We can help you by inspecting your premises at your convenience, helping you comply with water regulations and attain a water-efficient certificate.  


In addition, if you lease or rent out your property to corporate bodies, our skilled plumbing technicians can provide maintenance and repair services to keep the water systems running smoothly at all times. We can customize a plan with regular inspections to detect and resolve potential issues before they occur while also providing accurate records with financial and performance overview of your water systems.


Water Efficiency Testing Process

Our water efficiency testing process is thoroughly conducted by experienced technicians and includes:


  • An assessment of the plumbing facilities
  • An analysis of historical water use
  • On-sight inspection of appliances, fixtures, equipment, landscaping, and management practices to determine the efficiency of water use
  • Inspection for any leaks and water loss assessments
  • Suggesting easy and practical measures for reduction of water usage

We check for specific issues that add up a lot to the bills in accordance with the regulations such as:


  • Assessing appliances that required water with an efficiency rating of 3 stars
  • Toilets must use no more than 3.5lt for a half flush and, 6.5lt for a full flush
  • Shower heads, faucets and, laundry flow must have an efficiency of 9lt/minute
  • Any pools or spas have covers to reduce evaporation.
  • Toilets use no greater than 6.5ltr for full flushes and 3.5ltr for half flushes.


Water Efficiency Certificate Of Compliance

Water Efficiency Audit 2With specialized equipment and more than x decades of experience under our belt, we have the skills to get you your desired certificate of water efficiency. Our expert plumbers will provide a fixed-price commitment giving you financial peace of mind with no surprises at the end of the service. If you require emergency plumbing services for your tenants, we also provide plumbing services for our body corporate and real estate clients.


Once you are issued a certificate, you can transfer the water charges to your tenant for:


  • State Bulk Water Charge, and
  • Water Usage Charges

Please note that the property owners or landlords will receive the water bill and are required to pass it on to the tenant to bring transparency into the process.


How Much Does A Water Efficiency Certificate Cost?

Optimizing water use in any residence is a win-win situation. Reducing water consumption leads to lower water bills. Checking and fixing long-standing leaks can create a positive living environment for occupants or your tenants. Even if your plumbing is working perfectly, inspection can help you get certified as ‘water-efficient’ thus helping you pass on the costs to your tenants.


Getting certified as ‘water-efficient’ can enhance the public image of your property, making yours an attractive property to live in or buy. And this could be attained by very simple measures sometimes such as adding moisture sensors to your irrigation system.


All-in-all, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs of our auditing services. Plus, this is a one-time cost as once you get certified, it is valid for life with no period renewals required. Call us at XXXX to receive an estimate of the costs, the process, and any other clarifications you may have.


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