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We offer a wide range of plumbing services from installations, maintenance, upgrades and repairs of any type of plumbing system. We have made it our responsibility to offer expert plumbing. You deserve quality plumbing services and we’re the right choice for you.

As experts in the field with longtime experience, we can deliver cost-effective and professional solutions.

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    Caravan Gas repairs and Gas compliance certificates

    The gas on board of our equipment can be stored in diferent ways. The most popular solution for owners of caravans and motorhomes is to put on bottles. This convenient system, guarantees us autonomy. It is worth remembering all the necessary certificates

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    Repair or Replace Toilet Cisterns

    Is your old toilet cisterns broken? Are you looking for a new cisterns and do not know exactly what to look for when buying? Or maybe you want to repair your cisterns and looking for help?

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    Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

    Renovation of these two rooms is not just an aesthetic change. In both cases functionality is extremely important. Modernization of the kitchen and bathroom increases our comfort of living. If you are wondering about this, remember to use the services of professionals!

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    Hot Water System Replacement Gas or Electric

    In many homes the water heater is still an important element of the water installation. Its functioning translates into not only the daily comfort of residents, but also the amount of bills. That is why it is important to choose the right solution. Currently, one major division of heaters dominates the market – for electric and gas types. Their operation, for known reasons, is different, and the effectiveness of these products is also different in selected conditions. All this makes it necessary to think carefully about what choice we ultimately should make.

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    Gas Installations and compliance certificates

    The installation distributing gas used as a home energy source, due to its properties, requires the highest level of security during assembly as well as further operation. The decisive impact on the lifetime and safety of the home gas system are high quality components, and the certificate of the person performing the installations

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    Body Corporate Plumbing & Maintenance

    while we do a large amount of maintenance for the home, we also do this for real estates and body corporates who manage large amount of rentals. We have a number of real estates in Noosa who we have been plumbing for for many years. Our ability to do jobs quickly and efficiently is the key to good body corporate and rental work.

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    Pool Plumbing Repairs

    Regular technical inspections of swimming pool installations are a key element of their proper functioning. Having a private pool is on the one hand a relax and healthy lifestyle, and on the other – the responsibility and necessity of ongoing technology control. Our service technicians will assure you peace and confidence that your swimming pool functions efficiently, and the water in it is of high quality.

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    Pool Heating Systems Gas or Electric

    Pool facilities belong to plants that use large amounts of heat, which is why it should be possible to conduct rational energy management in them. In addition to various forms of heat recovery, one of the most important issues is the selection of heating devices to operate with high operational efficiency. It is necessary to know the distribution of heat consumption in the facility not only during the day, but also during the year.

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    Backflow Testing & Prevention Sunshine Coast

    The Sunshine coast region has its own set of bylaws and codes when it comes to backflow testing, certificates and licencing. Making sure your backflow devices are up to date and compliant is vital to ensure water safety for the region and to avoid heavy fines from non compliance.

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    New Homes Installs

    Every investor building his own home must “face” the water and heating installations: what to do with them, which way to run and what equipment to use. This is not an easy task.

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    Noosa Water Efficiency Audits

    Tired of paying outrageous water bills without knowing the cause? Are your tenants running up your water bill every quarter to a point where it breaks the bank? We can help! By conducting a full water efficienyaudit of your property you can make the water bill shrink in no time and even in some cases make it the responsibility of the tenant.

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    plumbing extensions can be a variety of tasks from building out laundry and bathroom combos to laying out fresh pipe work after a house is lifted or moved. because we are licenced, we can help with the whole process.


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    All plumbing work in Noosa is completed in accordance with the Plumbing and Drainage Act and installation codes Australian Standards No. 3500, 5601 and 1596