Tankless Water Heater for Your Home 1

Tankless Water Heater for Your Home

Water is one of the most important things in people’s lives. People often need hot water in their daily activities. A heating appliance that is fast and efficient is therefore very useful. There have been several methods of heating developed over the years and there are still others developing better heaters all the time.

The tankless water heater

From this new water heating technology, the tankless water heater has been developed. It is also called a stand-alone water heater and is mostly used to heat water for domestic use. It has been in the market for over 30 years and has been well-received and put to use in many places like China, Japan, and the United States. This has come as an improvement to the prior water heaters which were conventional.


There are several reasons to use the tankless water heater. These include the speed of heating water, which is very fast. Conventional water heaters with tanks heat water all through the day. As for tankless water heaters, no tank is required and only the needed water is heated.

This saves energy, which would have been used when heating water using conventional water heaters. This system of heating is very friendly to the environment as it ensures that no energy is wasted.

To start the tankless water heater, one has to turn the faucet on and then leave the water to run for some time. Another reason to use the tankless water heater is that it can give a constant supply of hot water. The tankless water heater uses less energy than the conventional water heater. This gives it an edge since it is so economical to use.

Low maintenance cost

The maintenance cost for the tankless water heaters is also lower than that of conventional water heaters and this is a plus point in the sense that there will be no time wastage from maintenance. Other than wasting time, money will be saved as there is little maintenance or upgrading required.

The tankless water heater is cheaper than a conventional water heater and it does not need to be immersed in a tank. This makes it is more economical to use. Comparing the amount of water that the conventional heater heats in a day to the cost of the tankless water heater gives the owner value for money. Hence it is a favorite for many people.

Who should use it?

Tankless water heaters are recommended for hotels and other busy places where hot water is needed frequently.

For people who do not have much space, the tankless water heater is ideal since it is small and compact, thus they save on space.

At the same time, they can use solar energy to power heaters. This makes them usable even in places where there is no electric power or during a power cut.

Other tankless heaters

There are other tankless water heaters that use gas as a source of energy. These come in handy since gas is readily available in a stored form in most of the parts of the world. This serves as an additional reason to use the tankless water heater. The tankless water heaters are the new technology in water heating.

Need a tankless water heater installed?

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