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How To Save Money On Water Bills

We need water for everything including cooking, drinking, bathing, and not to mention our cars. In our homes, the amount of water that is needed daily is huge. That is why in Noosa, the water bill takes a big portion of every home’s monthly bill. But do you know that a significant percentage of your water bills is wasted water? Well, that is true. There is a lot of water that goes down the drain, and you end up paying for it.

Apart from water wastages, water appliances at home also contribute to escalating water bills.  But there are ways that you can slash your water bills by applying simple tricks on how to save water and power consumption.

Here are 8 tips to save money on your water bills by a significant amount.

Maintain Your Water Heater

Flaws in water heaters are always the primary reason for plumbing problems. Annual maintenance and inspection help a lot in ensuring your water heating appliances are operating at their peak efficiency. There are some maintenance practices for a water heater, but the most basic is draining out water from the bottom of your heater regularly. The importance of this maintenance practice is to avoid buildup of sediment which makes it harder to heat water and can cause a buildup of bacteria. Sediment lowers the efficiency of your water heater hence the high power consumption. If the water heater has reached its lifespan, replace it with a new one to increase water heating efficiency.

Insulate Your Water Heater

water heater insulationWhile maintaining your water heater would be significant, insulating it will enable you to save more on your bills. The insulation process will help you save a standby heat loss of a range between 25% – 45%. Consequently, it can also help save up to 7% to 16% of your heating costs. An insulated heater can also help save on the average time used in the heating process. With all these benefits it is therefore true that the process is worth its costs. There is a variety of materials that you can use for the process. The options are not limited to adding fiberglass and foil materials on the heater. All you need in this case is to choose how much insulation your water heater may need.

Fix Water Pressure Issues

This is the crucial thing you need to take into account if you want to save money on water bills. If possible always conduct daily or routine checkups on your plumbing system. This would be important to ensure you note any form of fault in good time. Neglect of small water pressure problems can result in a very expensive repair. Be sure to check the health of your water filters as these can often be blocked and cause pressure build up. While you are there, you should see if your water filter needs changing because you don’t want to know what happens when you don’t change your water filter!  You can do this yourself, but in case of complicated defects, there are many plumbers around the Sunshine Coast to help you with repair and other plumbing services.

Maintain Your Appliances To Improve Performance

All your water appliances including dishwashers and dry cleaners must be maintained as recommended by the manufacturer. Scheduled maintenance plans on your appliances will help in maintaining high efficiency hence reducing your monthly bills. Make sure that you are hiring professional plumbers to do the maintenance work. Emergency plumbing services are often available. The plumbers will also help you replace faulty parts or faulty machines with new ones.

Check For Leaks

Another tip on how to save on water bills at home is fixing water leaks. Leaking appliances and pipes could be the reason for your pile of water bills. Research shows one can end up wasting up to 15 gallons of water daily.  This can translate to a huge amount of cash by the end of the month. It makes no sense to pay for water that you never used. That’s why it is always advisable to conduct routine maintenance practices for checks on the leaks. If possible reach out to a professional plumber if you truly need to save money on your water bills.

Use Dish Buckets to Wash Dishes

dish cleaning sinkWe wash dishes in our homes daily. Many people prefer letting the water run as they do the cleaning. This process leads to wastage of huge amounts of water that translates to escalated bills. To avoid these wastages, using a dish bucket is the best-recommended method on how to save water.

Run Full Loads of Laundry

Another hack on how to save on water bills at home is to run your laundry machine only when you have a full load. Always make sure that the laundry machine is running on a full load. When running small loads, a lot of water is wasted compared to when the laundry is fully loaded. With a full load, you get to maximize water utilization. Through this practice, you can be sure to save a considerable amount of water hence reduced amount of bills.

Low-Flush Toilet

Toilet bowl flushingThrough various studies, it has been proven that 7 gallons of water are used per single flush in toilets. The study was conducted to give homeowners a sense of how much you can lose in a day through flushing. Our guide to dual flush toilets will tell you all about their benefits.

On the other hand, a low flush toilet uses only 1-2 gallons in every flush. This means you will have reduced the amount of water for flushing the toilet by more than 60%. With such massive water savings, the impact on your monthly bills will be incredible. The bill will have reduced by a big percentage.

So if your water bills are increasing and you’ve not added another machine, these are the key areas that you need to look at. Check the condition of your water heater and if there are leaks in your plumbing system. Hire a professional plumber in Noosa to help you fix all these problems, and you will see your bills drop by a significant percentage. Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions is one of the most reputable plumbing companies in Noosa and its environs including Tewantin, Sunrise Beach, and Sunshine Coast. With us, value for money is a guarantee.

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