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How To Remove A Sink Stopper

Bathroom sink stoppers can be removed at any time for cleaning or replacement. One of the reasons that can lead to the removal of bathroom sink stoppers is if the sink is draining down the water slowly or has clogged. The bathroom sink stopper can be the reason, due to a lot of dirt. They can hence be removed and cleaned or replaced.

Why should you learn this?

As the owner of the house, knowing some plumbing techniques can come in useful. You can do the plumbing at your own time and whenever you feel like doing so.

Then you’ll never have to worry about calling a plumber each time you need your sink stopper removed.

What you’ll need

  • Pliers.
  • Plunger rod.
  • A clip that has two ends.
  • A rod that can lead through to the stopper of the sink.
  • A flashlight.
  • A pair of gloves if the need arises.

What are the parts of a bathroom sink?

You’ll need to know this information in order to remove your stopper.

  • The basin is the part that holds water.
  • The faucet connects the source of the water with the basin.
  • The controls are the handles, pumps or levers and knobs.
  • The stops help in keeping water in the basin.
  • The piping and other miscellaneous parts are where the faucet, basins and other parts are all connected. They help to prevent leakages.

Below are the steps you need to take to get your bathroom sink stopper out.

Clear out your sink.

Before starting the process, ensure that you have removed all the items in your sink.

It is also wise to turn off the main water supply until you are done with the process.

This makes the job easier for you to do.

Lie with your back down.

You should be in a position where your head is lying in the direction of the cabinet of the sink at the back, ensure you are in a comfortable position to do so to avoid too much strain.

Most likely the place will be a bit dark making it difficult to see clearly.

Ensure you have a flashlight in order to see clearly.

Locate the plunger rod that’s coming down from the faucet’s back.

Identify the clip that the plunger rod slips through to hold another rod connected to the sink stopper.

Locate the clip that supports another rod.

The other rod should lead towards the sink stopper.

It enters the sink trap right through under the drain of the sink.

It does not reach the ‘P’ trap, it only reaches to just before.

On the sides of the drain pipe wall, find a nut.

Remove the nut using your hands, or if it is a bit difficult, you can also use pliers to unscrew the nuts.

Using the clip that has two ends, press the ends together towards the center. This enables the plunger rod to be removed.

When the plunger rod is out, the rod heading towards the sink stopper becomes loose and hence easy to remove.

Take the rod that is at the sink stopper then put it aside.

After the rod is removed from the stopper of the sink, it disconnects the sink stopper, making it easier to remove.

Now, the last step is getting up from under the sink’s basin, removing the stopper of the sink and cleaning it or getting it replaced.

To put it back, just follow the same process but in reverse.

Plumbing techniques can come in useful

This is a simple process that you can do on your own. If you already have all the equipment needed, it makes it much easier to do it as long as you have the knowledge. It is helpful to know simple plumbing techniques. Anything can happen at any time and your plumber may not be able to attend to you immediately. Your sink may also run into a problem at night. At this time it is hard to find a plumber who can serve you.

In order to avoid inconveniences, it is thus good to have some knowledge of simple plumbing techniques. It saves you time and the cost of hiring a plumber. You can then remove the sink stopper of your bathroom regularly, clean it at your convenience and then replacing it. Moreover, if your bathroom sink has a problem in draining water or if drainage is slow, the removal of the sink stopper of your bathroom and cleaning it can fix your problem. Just follow the above simple steps and you are good to go.

Need help to fix your sink?

Already cleaned your sink stopper but still having drainage issues? Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions has a decade’s worth of plumbing experience and will be happy to help fix your sink. Give us a call at 0405 063 121 or fill out the form on our page. If you found this post helpful, you might like to learn how to replace your water heater’s heating element.

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