Bathroom Renovations

Top Laundry and Bathroom Combo Renovation Trends in Noosa

The laundry is one of the rooms in the house that many strive to hide from. Most people do not like to do laundry and also it is not the prettiest rooms to be in. it can therefore be a bit scary for some people when they hear of having a bathroom laundry room combo when renovating your bathroom in Noosa.

However, with small compact appliances that are easy to tuck away in cabinets and brilliant well thought out ideas it is possible to have a hidden bathroom laundry room combo during your next bathroom upgrades.

Bathroom Renovations

Top Laundry and Bathroom Combo Renovation Trends in Noosa 3If you are like many people in Noosa then you do not have the luxury of space to have an included laundry area in the home. If you are one of them, chances are you despise the trips you have to make to the Laundromat every time you need to clean your laundry. If this is you then your next bathroom renovation idea is here; a bathroom laundry room combo.

This means that you will have your bathroom together with your laundry room. There are many ideas that can help you achieve this depending on the space you have. You only need enough space to fit in the washer and dryer and a laundry sink and you are good to go.

Also, since the washers and laundry sink require plumbing and electrical connections, having them in the bathroom where these connections are already available makes it easy to have a bathroom laundry room combo.

Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on essentials that will make cleaning your laundry easy. It is possible to even have a small countertop where you can do folding of your laundry once it is done.

You can use doors to conceal the laundry or you can leave it open depending on the design you choose to go with.

Managing your wet rooms in one area opens up the space in your house for other uses if you had a separate laundry room. For instance, you can use the laundry room as a home office or turn it into any other room you need.

A washer that fits into small spaces needs to be a compact one and a front loader to make it easy to use. There are many compact washers and even dryers that can help you save on space. You can also get an all in one washer and dryer so you only need to factor one appliance.

Laundry in Bathroom Pros and Cons


  • You maximize use of the available space in your bathroom.
  • If you already have a laundry room you create an extra room for other needs
  • If you have a pet, you get to clean them easily in the laundry sink.
  • The laundry room in the bathroom makes it easy to soak dirty clothes in the laundry sink or even clean muddy shoes.


  • Having a bathroom laundry room combo can reduce storage space available in your bathroom.
  • You will spend extra money on wiring on plumbing to install the extra appliances and fixtures.
  • The whole project will cost more if you did not have a laundry room before since you will have to purchase extra appliances. If you had a laundry room before the expenses will not be so high since you will not need new appliances.
  • Having a bathroom laundry room combo might make your bathroom feel a bit more cluttered.
  • The person doing laundry will have to excuse anyone that requires using the toilet or taking a shower.

Bathroom Laundry Combo Layouts

Top Laundry and Bathroom Combo Renovation Trends in Noosa 4There are many bathroom laundry combo layouts you can choose from but with a little creativity goes a long way to enhance your space. For most people, concealing the laundry appliances behind a cupboard helps to maintain a clean and seamless bathroom that doesn’t look cluttered.

Having the laundry in a cupboard maintains neatness in the bathroom. It is also done nicely so that the laundry is not so obvious. Bi-fold doors or timber tech `doors that roll upwards are a popular option in concealing the laundry area since they do not encroach on the bathroom space that you so much need.

You can have a countertop right next to your laundry sink and even several shelves or hanging poles above the countertop all of which are enclosed inside the cupboard when the doors are shut. To optimise the space you already have, you can use a one in all washer and dryer so you reduce the appliances required. This can leave you with space on one side of the washer for storage space.

Another idea for laundry bathroom combo during your next bathroom renovations in Noosa is having the dryer and the washer stacked up on top of each other and concealed in a tiny single door cupboard. There are compact washers that can be wall mounted too. This leaves you with enough bottom space to even have double laundry sinks while the appliances are safely tucked up above your head and out of your way.

Small Bathroom Laundry Room Combo Ideas

For a really small bathroom, it is recommended that you use the washer and dryer combo to reduce the number of appliances that require space. Also, use a small laundry sink or forgo having a vanity in the bathroom. It is all about making compromises on what you can do with or without.

Put the washer dryer next to the laundry sink and have one countertop above both. On one side of the appliance add storage drawers and right above on the wall fix your mirror and some shelves for your personal effects. This little setup occupies just a little space and can be neatly tucked at a corner next to the shower door.

Your next renovation work for bathrooms in Noosa might just be the opportunity you need to upgrade your bathroom to a bathroom laundry room combo and have all your wet rooms in one place.

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