All About Dual Flush Toilets

How do you flush the toilet? Well, this is behavior that we have auto-piloted. For longest time, people have been using single flush toilets, but the amount of water used to flush has been a problem over the years. That’s why we have new models of toilets that are addressing the problem of water wastage. The dual flush toilet is one of the best models that is promising to help slash your water bills a huge percentage.

What is a dual flush toilet?

The dual flush toilet is a type of flush toilet that utilizing two buttons or handles mechanism to flush different amounts of water. This type of toilet handles solid and liquid waste differently unlike the typical or single flush toilets. It, therefore, provides the user with a choice of flushes. That’s why it is becoming increasingly popular with both commercial and residential users in Australia.

The dual flush toilet helps to conserve water making it more efficient due to a shortage of water supply in most areas and the treatment facilities are older or overtaxed. Increased awareness, government regulation, and availability of monetary incentives are some of the factors that are making the changeover to the flush toilets designs more attractive.

What does each button do?

The dual flush toilet mechanism is very simple. Unlike the typical toilets, it has a creation with an internal dual flush valve that allows separate flushing volumes for disposing of waste. Additionally, it is equipped with a level or set of toilet flush buttons that enable users to choose between water settings. The smaller toilet flush button has a capacity of about 3- 5 litres of water for the purpose of disposing of liquid waste while the larger toilet flush button contains about 6-9 litres of water designed for disposing of solid wastes. The small button is quick flush while full flush takes a little time longer because it employs a larger trap way and a wash-down flushing design that pushes down the drain, turning more water in the bowl depending on the users need.

Additional to the savings from using half flushes for liquid waste this type of toilet saves more water than the single flush toilet. Furthermore, a double flush toilet saves a lot of water about 20,000liters each year if a household adopts this type of toilet.

Pros of using the dual flush toilets

The major benefit of a dual flush is water conservation; thus it has an appositive impact on the environment. This type of cistern gives you a choice between a half flush and a full flush. Each flush uses a different amount of water. You can save a reasonable amount of water each year using appropriate measures of the flush every time you use the toilet. Here are the key benefits of investing in a dual flush toilet.

  • Its cost saving. A dual flush toilet drives lesser water usage in your homestead. It therefore regularly save money on your monthly water bill. Some studies reveal that home using a dual flush toilet save about four thousands of gallons of water annually.
  • Low upkeep. The older single flush toilets use a pressure siphoning system to dispose of On the other hand, the dual flush toilet has a design that uses gravity to dispose of water down a large trap way. This design typically cuts down on clogging and saves you the stress of undesirable plunging expedition.
  • Dual flush toilets look stylish. Most of the dual flush toilet models have modernistic decorations. They come in different décor styles which match well with a range of bathrooms. They are also available in a variety of colors.
  • It clogs less because it’s designed to use gravity and not pressure siphoning
  • Impact on the environment. It allows for the conservation of water.

Cons of the dual flush toilet

There are also some disadvantages that come with this a dual flush toilet. Here is a couple of them:

  • It is expensive to acquire dual flush toilets compared to the single flush toilets. Although this type of toilet is used so as to save water, the accessibility of the replacement parts proves a challenge. This is not the case with the single flush toilets which parts readily available and their repairs cheaper.
  • Some consumers feel that the buttons can be confusing and also difficult to flush. The buttons are located on the top of the tank and can sometimes require greater force to press than level does. This might prove difficult for elderly people or disabled person. Moreover, the use of the wrong button forces one to push the button again. This interrupts its primary role in saving water.
  • The bowls are hard to clean. Many models may leave some residue in the bowl when using the low volume flush option. This means that they require frequent cleaning.

Will the dual flush toilets save money?

It is evident that dual flush toilets save money considering an average one will use about 1.6/0.8 litres of water with every flush compared to 3.5 litres used with each flush for the conventional toilets. Studies show that a dual flush system reduces close to 70% of water consumption. This translates to more money being saved in residences that use the dual flush toilets. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to save money on your water bills, you need to this models of toilets.

A dual flush toilet is something that consumers should acknowledge and not overlook as they are easy to install and also perfectly fits into your current toilet cistern. Considering the pros and cons of the dual flush system, you have all the reason to switch to this model of toilets. They are designed to reduce water wastage, saving you money in the long run. They are also eco-friendly. If you are looking for a plumber in Noosa to install or fix your dual flush toilet, check out for Absolute Plumbing & Gas Solutions. They have the best plumbers and available in all Noosa suburbs including Sunshine coast, Tewantin and Sunrise beach amongst others. Quality of service and value for money is a guarantee.

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